Sunday, August 09, 2009

Town Halls are misreported

“As he entered the auditorium of the Mardela Middle and High School on Tuesday, a surprised Frank Kratovil waded through a sea of constituents. The first-term Democratic congressman had been told by aides that maybe two or three dozen residents would attend the “Congress in Your Corner” town-hall event in this Eastern Shore town of about 360 people. Instead, more than 250 people showed up.

The crowd repeatedly burst into wild cheering, but not for Mr. Kratovil. The cheers were for residents who gave the congressman a piece of their mind over what’s happening in Washington.” WSJ Max Schulz

And if you’re like me, you wonder why a “town hall” is held in a “town” of 360 residents. I doubt that my rep will take a chance--she squeaked through on several recounts to take a seat from the Republicans. Why stir the waters by bringing concerned voters together? But then, I’m at peaceful, relaxed Lakeside during August, and I have no idea where she is spending her vacation. She would probably prefer hiding to appearing before worried elders.

The Obamedia, of course, is misreporting as usual, just as they did the earlier "tea parties." They’ve sold their souls, and the ink is indelible and long dry on the agreement. Max continues:
    “On July 31, MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe tried to buck up spooked Democrats by claiming, “Those angry protestors who will disrupt your attempts to talk to your voters—and trust us they will—are being coordinated and coached by industry-funded right wing operatives. Their stated goal will be to rattle you, not to have an intelligent debate. And there’s a good chance they don’t even live in your district.” . . . But the discontent is neither faked nor staged by the GOP. At the Mardela Springs event I attended, the parking lot was filled with Maryland license plates, the speakers made references to local areas and events, and everyone of the several people I spoke with lived in the congressman’s district. They were just upset and worried that the reforms Democrats were bent on enacting would hurt the economy and their ability to get the health care they needed.”
I wonder if anyone remembers this is the boomer generation who took to the streets about the VietNam War, and what happened to Johnson?

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Soapbox Jill said...

You've got that right about not being honestly covered, and crowds being mis-characterized.

Yet, our "old school" Republican respresentative for Wisconsin 6th district did pretty well August 7with the standing room only crowd, which was not an "unruly mob." The local paper did not give the scope of concerns press, but at least, they were there.

If you visit my town hall post, please let me know how the thing loads, as I now include audio clips. Thanks.