Wednesday, June 14, 2017

About the rhetoric and the left urging violence. . .

"When Kathy Griffin posed with a mock severed head of President Trump, she had more than a few defenders, with actor Jim Carrey saying her only sin was being the brave soul to voice what everyone else felt.

When controversy erupted over an iteration of Julius Caesar that depicted Trump as the assassinated leader, playwright Tony Kushner blamed Breitbart and the right wing media for manufacturing outrage.

Enter David Simon, creator of HBO's hit show The Wire, who less than 24-hours before the shooting on Wednesday, openly called for anti-Trumpers to commit violence, advising them to "pick up a goddamn brick" if they don't get their way."

Riots break out when a conservative is invited to speak on college campuses; 98% negative reporting on Trump in the MSM; the DNC candidate calling half the country "deplorables;" one major candidate a designated socialist, the form of politics at the root of non-war death in the 20th century; disagreeing about climate change is considered a crime; death in the womb is part of the Democrat party's mission statement.  So who are the violent ones?

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