Friday, June 09, 2017

On reading and books

"Today is for celebration but starting tomorrow I humbly urge you to embark on a lifelong relationship with a faithful companion who will always help you and sometimes delight you -- who will never desert you, who will make you smarter, and wiser, who will always be by your side and enlighten you all the days of your life. I am talking about: books.

You must not stop reading books. That's all. If you seek a happy and interesting life, one of depth, meaning and accomplishment, you must read books." Peggy Noonan, commencement address at Catholic University

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Anonymous said...

Here we are in Dundee, Scotland, formerly manufacturing and industrial, now undergoing a renovation and renewal. Used to employ thousands in jute industry. Yesterday interesting visit to yet another war memorial, and then to a sheep farm to watch the dogs. Cute puppies. Today we see a golf course, extra option for entertainment, stay 2 nights in Edinburgh.