Saturday, June 17, 2017

Michael Smith comments on the role of the left in the assassinations attempt by Hodgkinson

A percentage of the radical left are hailing James T. Hodgkinson as a "patriot" for trying to kill Republicans in his fight for freedom.

Remember this: Hodgkinson wasn't killing for freedom, he was killing for more government. He was a supporter of the socialist Bernie Sanders for goodness sake.

It is not a fact that "both sides do it" - and it isn't so much the rage of one party or the other that is the issue. It is the fact that everything these days is politicized. When nothing is personal and everything is political, personal situations that should remain personal are subject to scrutiny by people who have no business scrutinizing anything. This is what happens when collectivism creeps in and the collective is given veto power over the rights, beliefs, thoughts and speech of the individual.

Democrats are progressives and progressives are collectivists. James T. Hodgkinson was not in Washington to fight for more independence, freedom and liberty, he was there to kill members of the party that is trying to prevent liberty from slipping away. Hodgkinson was there in anger because his party was not achieving MORE control over individuals and thereby reducing independence, freedom and liberty.

Progressivism is to blame, not any specific political party - because there are progressives in both. Progressivism kills. It always has, it always will.

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