Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel

 Mike Huckabee:  "The ballots had barely begun to be counted [6th district Georgia] before angry liberals on Twitter were blasting Ossoff as a terrible candidate who didn’t articulate why working class voters should support him. And yet, when Hillary lost, it could only have been due to a Russian conspiracy. How do they know some Russians didn’t get misled by their iPhone Maps app, end up in Roswell, Georgia, instead of the Republic of Georgia, and stuff the ballot boxes? Hey, there’s as much evidence of that as there is that they colluded with the Trump campaign."

Just what do liberal candidates have to offer the working class voter? More government transfers? Take away their health insurance, doctor and network? Destroy the base of whatever industry they work in because it's not sustainable enough? Keep them away from school choice so their kids have to stay in failing public schools? Bring in more immigrants to compete with them for jobs? Ridicule their Catholic beliefs?

Just wondering. Other than calling deplorables names, just what are the liberal policies?

And just look at the sad angry faces of the media last night.
 " Just two weeks ago, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll had Ossoff up by 7 points, and he lost by about 5. Either the vote swung against him by 12 points in two weeks, or else polls are now the only section of the newspaper less reliable than the Horoscope column." Huckabee

Why do we tax payers need to support Planned Parenthood laundering money through campaigns for Democrats who can then vote to give the baby killer more money?

Update: Wall St. Journal
"Liberals may need some time and space to get over the Georgia result. In the New York Times, Frank Bruni captures the anguish of Democrats—and not just the ones who work in the media industry:
They ached for this seat. They fought for it fiercely. They reasoned that Ossoff had a real chance: Donald Trump, after all, won this district by just 1.5 percentage points. Donations for Ossoff flooded in, helping to make this the most expensive House race in history by far.

Democrats came up empty-handed nonetheless. So a party sorely demoralized in November is demoralized yet again — and left to wonder if the intense anti-Trump passion visible in protests, marches, money and new volunteers isn’t just some theatrical, symbolic, abstract thing."
I guess they don't see how this hateful anti-Trump idiocy is turning people off.

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Anonymous said...

Ossoff probably lost it because of his own ads. He came across (in the MANY hours of ads any television-watcher in Georgia has had to endure for the last few months) as a bleached-out version of Barack Obama. Smug, arrogant, insincere, condescending, shallow, and unqualified. I kept trying to spot the marionette strings, but I guess the millions of dollars of campaign support he got pays for invisible support strings for the puppet. Joan who lives in GA