Monday, June 19, 2017

Another Father's Day essay I like

I've read some really great Father's Day posts this week-end. This one is fabulous--by Ayesha Kreutz, of the Frederick Douglass Foundation.

"I did not really have a father, at least not a good example of one. My biological father was rather terrible, a black panther, liberation theology, guy who turned alcoholic/drug addict and died in his early 60's due to his life style. I had one man in my life who I loved as father but he died when I was about 7/8 or so. I grew up with tremendous issues having every man in my life being abusive in one way or another.

So this God The Father thing was not a safe place for me, not something that resonated as a want or need.

And a good, good Father, well that was not only foreign, but bordered on offensive and laughable.

Well, let me tell you as I gave over myself and submitted to this Father in Heaven, He showed me what it was to be loved and protected and have a Good Father.

So yes Happy Fathers day, I celebrate my Abba, Elohim and I celebrate that I can celebrate, BUT the best part is I was able to allow God to love me, know I was worthy of love and thus allow myself to be loved by my amazing husband and love in return THUS giving my girls what I never had or thought I needed, a father an earthly father who loves and adores them..... yep A home.

So Happy Fathers day to one of the greatest men on earth. My husband and father to my kids.
Thank You Lord, King Jesus.

Happy Fathers Day and thank you to all the men who man up and are fathers (good manly fathers) to their kids, You are irreplaceable.

Praise the Name of Jesus and may the praises of my good good father ever be on my lips."

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