Saturday, June 17, 2017

The games we play--the crimes of Comey

Based only on what has happened in the executive branch (even as reported in the fake news of WaPo and NYT) there is no evidence that President Trump has committed a crime while in office worthy of a criminal investigation; he can fire the FBI director for no other reason than personal dislike for his height. But by Comey’s own testimony last week, he did commit a crime, a very serious one—taking government information and giving it to the New York Times, to say nothing about violating the trust of his boss—President Trump. Why is Mueller, a friend of Comey, still on this case? Is this a banana republic with a tin foil constitution? Has the Communist revolution with its show trials begun? Are we all, even leftists, Democrats and Progressives, pretending any of this is based in law or contains even a shred of common sense? Am I asking too many questions?

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