Sunday, June 04, 2017

I care about the environment, but not a carbon tax or silly waste of money

Let me be very clear. God told us to take care of the earth, but spending $100 trillion over 100 years to reduce the climate temperature 3/10 of a degree is not part of God's plan. Let's at least clean up the water in Flint, first. Let's stop releasing balloons into the atmosphere. Stop dumping trash from your car to the roadways. Stop removing the fence rows around the fields so birds have no place to nest. When you walk your dog, the one you say is just like family, clean up the poop. Stop lobbyists from urging Congress to compile new regulations for "sustainable" this and that which put a burden on the middle class and keep minorities locked up in deteriorating neighborhoods because the newer areas are doubled in price with environmental regulations. Let's stop killing the unborn, some of whom just might have the solutions. Then for those that do make it through the birth canal and grow up to attend college, stop their professors from force feeding them nonsense about race and sex.

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