Friday, June 16, 2017

Failed again--Washington Post blind to its own crimes

I just read some background research in the Washington Post on the shooter of Republicans playing ball, James Hodgkinson.  Or should have been.

1) Interview with the station attendant who put air in his tires who remarked how he'd had a temper tantrum, 2) blaming Trump (lots of detail just in case you've missed all the dirt)
3) for his lack of work when the attendant worked 6 days a week;
4)  interview with his wife in Illinois who knew nothing.
5) Also interviewed the local Democrats in Illinois who don't claim him--called him a lone wolf.
6) Nothing about his decade of anti-Republican rants in newspapers and social media.

He was fixated on blaming others for his failures--even before Obama. But they sure had details on the guns. Not a peep that perhaps the drip, drip, drip (98% negative) of lies and hysteria in WaPo about Trump could have contributed to Hodgkinson's feelings of failure, smallness, and depression. WaPo needs to hire some real writers, if there are any left in DC.

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