Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trump, the Tranies, and the Deep State

Some time during the 2012 election cycle people in the deep state of the Obama administration made it clear to him that he would need to follow the LGBTQ agenda or else (some think that they had planned to out him, which would have little impact today, but might have in 2012) and all of a sudden Obama discovered gay marriage and transgender agenda were "human rights," whereas to get elected in 2008 both he and Ms. Clinton were staunchly pro-marriage as it had been understood by pagans, Buddhists, Muslims and atheists and our Founders since the beginning of recorded history. Unfortunately, these same agendists and gender-fascists also have Trump's ear and are still manipulating American citizens in the bathroom and pronoun wars.
"The Trump administration should pull away from the politically correct beliefs of the previous administration and examine carefully, with a new presidential task force if necessary, the psychological and medical science associated with attempts to help youth with transsexual attractions." Rick Fitzgibbon, MD, "The Transgender Agenda vs. the Science"

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