Saturday, June 03, 2017

Carbon Dioxide is your friend

CO2 is not the enemy. It's a benefit. We can't live without it. We are all being lied to. CO2 means regeneration and health. Climate change has existed from the beginning. And no, 97% of scientists do not agree--that's another misreading of the bumper sticker created by a grad student. We are still in the current ice age--the very one that melted the glacier that covered Ohio and gave it wonderfully fertile soil, terrific lakes, building stone for mansions, and rolling hills, some with coal for our use to pull the world out of millennia of poverty.

 We are currently in the “Quaternary Ice Age,” which is either the coldest or the second coldest period in the last 500 million years. Scientists don't know the reason for the cold periods, but the warming cycles within the cold periods last about 15,000 years and that is well studied. Political leaders and holy men like John Kerry, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and their agitprop choir in the media believe they can hold back what has been going on for millions of years based on computer models that are always wrong if you just give them enough money and hold back further development. And no, I'm not a scientist, just a librarian who has learned there's always more to learn.

Even if Climate Change is your religion, examine your beliefs and stop the hymns to hysteria. The power brokers lusting for your dollars are laughing at us, and not because Trump got us out of a voluntary, non-binding, peer pressure driven, bullying agreement that let China off the pollution hook.

Come to Ohio and see what melting glaciers can do.

That 97% figure is WRONG.

Climate change marathon.  Best education you'll get on this important topic.

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