Friday, June 23, 2017

Now whiteness has to be the base of policy

Since the bad old days of FDR Democrats/liberals pushed programs most of us could support--and did; better access to education, full time employment (better jobs) for the poor, affirmative action for minorities and women, a safety net for the elderly, special wealth transfers like EITC, Medicaid, low mortgages, TANF, better nutrition in the schools, etc., and some Democrats even acknowledged the importance of marriage. Not any more. Percentage of poverty hasn't budged--even went up during the Obama eight years. So the latest idea from the left is it's all about descendants of disparate nations as different as Germany and India who have a light skin color getting special advantages. That's why there is a wealth gap (although the gap between the Gates familly and the Bruce family is not our race). Is called the asset of whiteness. Guaranteed to cause more victimhood and riots, more votes for Democrats.

Most poor people are white, and Asians are a wealthier, better educated and more motivated group than any of them. But never mind the facts, just vote for the Democrat.

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