Sunday, June 18, 2017

Corruption investigation of Obama's Justice Department being stonewalled

There is a FOIA lawsuit by Judicial Watch to investigate the Obama administration's shakedown of corporations to fund their buddies on the left. Justice Dept. under Holder and Lynch would sue corporations , they would settle, and the conditions to make it all go away were to write checks to leftist interest groups like La Raza, Urban League, and National Community Reinvestment Corporation. Over a billion was funneled through the Obama Justice Department to these left wing organizations. If you're a Democrat SJW and you think this is OK, ask yourself how you'd like it if the "voluntary donations" went to a Tea Party group to work against YOUR party. This process has been shut down during Trump era, but the past corruption needs to be exposed. The FOIA requests are handled by the Deep State, and so far, Trump hasn't done anything about that.

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