Friday, June 02, 2017

It's Obama who really stopped the Paris agreement

Listening to the hysteria about the climate, you would think Republicans or Trump who hadn't yet run for office had stopped this non-binding, 3 Trillion dollar worthless agreement in the Senate, but of course, they didn't. It's Obama that stopped the Paris Accord from getting to representatives of the people. He was king, but he's not any more.

The Democratic mayor of Pittsburgh is not happy with what Trump said (he represents Pittsburgh and not Paris), but there are about 10 other towns and cities named Pittsburg, so maybe he's the president of those towns?

Steven Colbert has been using Trump to boost his flagging ratings. This Climate thing will really help. Alternative energy companies can now really develop. Wind mills and solar panels are not forbidden. With a booming economy, and fewer regulations they may actually do much better. And when they are economically viable, they can replace fossil fuel if it's needed.


unhappy repub said...

I think I'd rather a king than a dictator

Norma said...

OK. I'll call Obama a dictator, but in his self-image, I think KING is a better term. Dictator is too negative, like African or South Americans leaders or Communist party officials. Well, maybe that last one for Obama. It just doesn't fit a president who gets stone walled by the 9th circuit for what he said before he was elected rather than the law of the land.