Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The lean and green diet

I haven’t seen much about a meat and vegetables only for weight loss, but we are expecting a guest soon who told me she will be bringing her own food.  It’s a meat/veggies diet—ONLY.  No dairy, carbs, fruit, or caloric dense foods. That wipes out a lot of desserts and casseroles, strawberries and/or blueberry shortcake, and the Wednesday night picnic doesn’t it?  Also can’t find much about it on the internet except to warn you which important nutritional needs you don’t get, like calcium and folic acid. But she says she’s lost 52 lbs and 29 inches, so after her battle for a lifetime, I’ll certainly accept her word.

My mantra on weight loss is “Eat less; move more.” ELMM.  Works whether you just eat Twinkies, Paleo, gluten free, periodic fasting or Mediterreanean. But it has to work for you.  Snacks make me hungry—or am I hungry and then snack?  Perhaps when she meets her goal, she could add fruit or nuts (which I love).

We often go out to eat with a thin couple in their early 80s.  I have never seen them order anything but a large salad.

Here are some examples of Lean and Green meals I found:

• Big salad with vegetables (basically any vegetable of your choice, you can get creative), grilled chicken (or any lean meat of your choice), and dressing (just be mindful 1 tablespoon of olive oil has 110 calories, and a couple tablespoons of the average dressing has around 100 calories).
• Salmon with string beans and asparagus
• Top Sirloin steak (preferably grass fed, has 1/3 the saturated fat) with spinach

Body building sites I checked said vegetables are “free,” and you can eat all you want. I’d go for fresh, just from common sense.  Sometimes those bagged carrots taste like wood, and bags of salad mixings, although quick and easy, have also been recalled for bacteria.

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