Saturday, June 24, 2017

Friday family photo--the other woman

Yes, there's another woman in my husband's life.  Her name is Maisie Dobbs.  He fell in love with her in 2015 when I had my book club copy here at the lake, and on a rainy day he picked it up.  He's been a non-reader for most of our married life except for work related items, but Maisie made him a believer.  Our daughter and I found a few more at used book stores and he was off and running, plus she supplied him for birthdays and Christmas.  He has saved this since Christmas so he could enjoy it on the porch. So he won't be left alone on the porch for the rest of the summer our daughter also gave him some Agatha Christie for Father's Day, in hopes of interesting him in a different author.

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Joan said...

Very interesting. Maisie was one of my husband's first crushes too. Jim was not a recreational reader until middle age; he still prefers televised sports and inspirational self-help books, but he now also reads several novels a year.