Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Never Trumpers and the Deep State work together to defeat Trump

If we'd elected President Cruz or President Carson or President Fiorina, Washington DC would still have voted 97% Democrat, and that's the demographic that supplies the federal government workers, who make up the base of the deep state. James Hodgkinson who shot up that ball game still would have had a list of Republicans to kill--he'd been spouting off and raging before Obama was elected and used Bernie's and Pelosi's hateful words in his latest outbursts. The media have warned us that mean words and toy guns incite violence. The media and Democrats have fantasized that the Tea Party and Republicans are just KKK without the sheet and have shouted this to the unstable.  Comey who said he couldn't find "intent" in Mrs. Clinton's misbehavior which wasn't his job, still would be deciding what was to be leaked to the press, also not his job. Reality Winner still would be working for the NSA, and California would still be funding the Georgia election to turn Congress to the Democrats. The only difference would the the Never Trumper Republicans and Libertarians who do the talk-show gravy train and write for the Washington Post. They would not be trying to kill the Republican party and return the power to Democrats.

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