Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Our internet is back

Our internet, phone and cable are up and running again. Sunday we had a big storm, and lost the use of the 2 TVs with cable boxes, the internet and our phone. Our other TVs (limited channels, no box) were working but not a great picture.   Everything had slowly come back on over 2 days, the interet returning about 10 a.m., but instead of cancelling, we just kept the service call. He went over everything very carefully, and then asked if there were any other cable boxes, so we sent him to Bob's office on the lower level. He was there a long time, and when he came up he was holding a piece of cable pretty well chewed up, from the outside. Apparently it had been the victim of lawn equipment, don't know when. He suspected that as it dried out from the storm, the connections were again working. I hope that stops the various interruptions we've had that our neighbors didn't. Two years ago the remodeling on the unit next door cut our electricity source which went through his attic into ours.

So for two mornings I went down the street a mile to Panera's to read my e-mail on my I-pad and then in the afternoon I went to the UAPL and used its Wi-Fi. But I'm happy to have the convenience restored.  Although I do get more done when it isn't available.

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