Monday, June 19, 2017

Our trip to Scotland--Day 6, June 13

We had a guest guide for our trip through Edinburgh's  "old town"-- cobbled streets, narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards all preserved for modern tourists leading to Holyrood the official residence of the queen when she's in Scotland and Edinburgh Castle and "new town"-- a planned city of the 18th and 19th centuries of Georgian and neo-classical architecture. It was really an architectural feast. The guide talked almost without taking a breath until we parked at Holyrood to look through the fence and browse the gift shop. Then it was on to Edinburgh Castle on Castle Rock built on a volcano, first a fortress, then royal residence, then a military barracks.  We had a brief wait to go up the hill for a parade of taxis with balloons for a children's parade. After touring the castle we walked down, stopping at a large woolen tartan store and weaver, then on to a little tea room near the hotel for lunch.
Holyrood Palace, for the Queen when she visits
Edinburgh Castle built on a volcano

You can see the popularity--huge crowds even early in the morning

It was a steep walk down, with a stop at a woolen shop to look at kilts 
Scene from our hotel at night
Sir Walter Scott memorial across from our hotel, view from our window
After resting up, our group headed for the Royal Yacht Britannia (it was really a ship), the former residence of the Queen and her family for state visits and family holidays manned by 240 crew members who lived on board. We used self-guided audio sets which explained each area.

Then it was off to Café Tartine, a nice restaurant for a lovely dinner.  We sat at a table for 6 with Robin and Karen, and Eugene and Barbara, all from California who would continue their trip into England. It was the final touch to a fantastic trip with Globus. Bob put about 100 prints in his album, so these are just a few. The memories are good.

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