Thursday, June 08, 2017

Being left is not being liberal

This is the disease of leftism.

 Climate change is more of a threat than Islamic extremism.
You think the cure for terrorism is a hug.
You think the president or people on the right are more dangerous than Islamic terrorism.
You watch The View....
You think Joe and Mika make a cute couple.
You were saddened by the television show Girls being canceled.
You have more disdain for friends who think differently than jihadists who want to kill you.
You need a “safe space.”
You think people should be fired for free speech.
You find yourself protesting in Birkenstocks.
You agree with Tucker’s second guest.
The president has caused you to lose sleep, given you rashes, harmed your sex life, or “broken you.”
You are or want to be a pundit on CNN or MSNBC.
You find Samantha Bee even mildly amusing.
You take ten private jets to a climate change summit
You have private armed security and call for gun control.
You are in the entertainment industry; yes, there are a handful of exceptions, and I mean a handful.
You have had a sexual fantasy featuring Bernie Sanders or Sarah Silverman and think a summer home in Venezuela sounds romantic.
You find Don Lemon informative.

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