Sunday, June 04, 2017

Walking for Scotland

St. Teresa of Avila wrote in her journal (paraphrase): Some days I’m on top of the world; other days I feel like an ant. I heard this on the radio during my morning walk. Can't find it in the quote pool, but it certainly reflects reality whether in the 16th century or 21st century. But it was gorgeous this morning, so I was on top of the world.

So today I've walked outside about 5 miles, going out twice in the afternoon, and rather than just go short distances, I'm trying to take longer walks.  Our van in Scotland will get us to the location, but I know from previous trips, there can be long walks from the parking lot and lots of steps inside castles.

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Norma said...

Got another one in just before the rain started, but that cooled things down from the 86 degrees.