Monday, June 05, 2017

Fearful of knowing the other side or sides?

Dennis Prager (98.9 fm in Columbus) made an interesting observation today.  He sat next to a Californian, a leftist, on a 5 hour flight.  It was cordial, she was lovely, mid-thirties and intelligent according to him.  But after an hour or so of  discussion he realized she knew nothing she hadn’t heard on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC or one of the news services like AP, or government funded PBS. For conservatives like me it's virtually impossible to be that blind and narrow.  We hear anti-Trump material 24/7, we hear or read complaints about free markets and capitalism all the time.  Even if we find a conservative source, it is reporting on what the liberals say! We endure terribly nasty biased stuff spouted as news when it is someone's opinion. Washington Post is one of the worst--8 out of 10 headline stories that show up in my e-mail are anti-Trump, but some think the New York Times is worse.  Just ask a liberal friend or acquaintance when was the last time she heard something on the news that was positive about this administration. Even Fox has gone leftward, although no declared liberal would watch that channel enough to realize how it has changed in 2017.  How did we get well educated people so narrow and confused? Being a liberal should make you open to new ideas, right?  It’s hard to imagine they’ve been to college and can make it to work each day.

Dennis Prager has wonderful 5-6 minute videos called Prager University. He uses many different researchers, scientists, historians, etc. with some cartoons and good graphics.  I wish real universities were this clear and entertaining.

The latest is dated June, 5, 2017

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