Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Are church weddings going out of style?

When my parents and grandparents got married (1934 and 1901), home weddings with a few friends and family were common in our (Anabaptist) tradition. No white wedding dress, just something nice that could be reused. Even in the 1940s one of my aunts, Dorothy, was married at our house (first wedding I attended). By the 50s and 60s, most people I knew were married in churches, although a niece had her wedding in 1984 in the same yard where my parents said their vows. Now it's public spaces like parks, fancy city buildings, elegant old mansions, old barns, or destinations like resorts, and I've even heard that funeral homes have been used.
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Dan Nieman said...

The last couple weddings I did were home weddings. I prefer those to church weddings, because it allows for more flexibility than church services. It allows the couple to express themselves, without compromising church standards.