Thursday, June 28, 2018

My solution to the immigration problem

Here's my solution.

1. Issue more green cards for essential skills and abilities,
2. tighten up removal of those who overstay--like the tech industry.
3. Make those H-1B visas stiffer so Google, FB and Yahoo will hire more American graduates.
4. Enlarge the legal immigration quota and reduce the barriers and costs.
5. Obey the IRCA law--the one Congress passed and then ignored.
6. Take in more Christian refugees. More Christians have been martyred for their faith than any time since the first-second century.
7. Remove incentives to disobey the law.
8. Limit chain migration to immediate family with careful vetting.
9. The Democrats voted for a fence. Let's get on with it. And plug the tunnels, hire more guards, and use more drones.

The cap on H-1B hasn't changed--just the enforcement--or fear that Trump will follow laws. Obama and tech giants were super cozy and in love. He's going to work for Netflix. Browsing the internet you see some of our H-1Bs are going to Canada rather than overstay and be illegals in the U.S. Canada is 98% white and 90% open space where no one lives. Help them populate and diversify.

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James said...

I do not think you understand the problem.