Monday, June 04, 2018

Today’s musings on June 4, a beautiful summer day

I've never understood why the Hollywood celebrities are so overwhelmingly leftists, not just in their story line products, but in their personal lives. It's a very entrepreneurial industry based on merit and competition. It makes them enormously wealthy, able to do great things with their money, and hire the best accountants and lawyers to pay as few taxes as possible or keep them out of jail. They support many smaller independent companies from the caterers and limo companies to the clothing and set designers, to vocal coaches and eye brow artists. They perform in some really vile, violent and sexist films, and then lecture the rest of us about the morality of the first and second amendments and call our president a racist or Nazi. Maybe it's all that time under hot lights. Fries their brains

Watched an interview while I was at the gym on one of the cable news shows of a Parkland student--that's heady stuff, believing you're the answer to a complex problem when the same "journalist" won't connect the dots about Cruz and the Promise program, or the lousy performance of the sheriff's department in protecting the students. If it's not anti-2nd amendment, the left wing media don't want to look at the evidence.

I'm so tired of the left media calling Roseanne Barr "right wing, racist." No, she's a left wing racist. She's a socialist/communist who is an actress/comedian who played a role on a TV sitcom. She's on your team, in your family tree, in your crazy aunt club. She stepped off the plantation to support Trump, and all of a sudden she can't come to the Thanksgiving Dinner where you all pass the hate with the gravy.

My FBF Michael Smith noted today:

"You have to love the USA Today headline writers. In the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling, they wrote:

"Supreme Court rules narrowly for baker who refused to create same-sex couple's wedding cake"

The vote was 7-2.

Doesn't really seem that "narrow".

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