Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Congress needs to solve this; could start with current law

This morning I listened to Paul Ryan talking about making special facilities for "families." Assuming there's a magic wand to get this past Democrats who need it as an issue going through the mid-terms, the first kid who is found out to NOT be a family member, but trafficked, will all be blamed on Trump.

Senator Schumer is challenging Trump to use his pen, make it go away,  the way Obama did. Since Democrats in Congress will never allow a "comprehensive immigration law" change and have blocked Trump on DACA, which has increased the problem,  and the border, here's an idea for the gridlock. Let's work with the laws now on the books!

Leaving children with parents in detention for weeks or months. Is that what Democrats want? Do you suppose the Democrats could find a judge somewhere, Hawaii maybe, to challenge that and let them go into the general population like the Obama years? Betcha.

Three percent returned for court date under Obama's "catch and release" program for illegal immigrant families. And we wonder why the government doesn't know where the children are? What if only 3% of the children have been trafficked? Is that OK? What if only 3% have joined MS-13. OK with Democrats?

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