Saturday, June 23, 2018

Disinformation/Fake News

The Left and Hillary supporters invented the term "fake news" and then Trump snatched it from them and used it against them. Then they disavowed their baby and threw it out.  Don't fall for the "media literacy" set-ups--they have agendas and are not neutral. Facebook, for instance, uses Snopes to help ferret out truth from fake. That’s rich.

Sharyl Attkisson explains how this happened and what to watch for.  She goes back to the case of Richard Jewel and the Olympics to explain how biased, sloppy, erroneous, prejudiced and sensational news grows even 20+ years ago, and now especially through social media. “First Draft” is a non-profit that first used the term “fake news,” and then media jumped on the band wagon demanding someone control this. Attkisson suggests we follow the money—and she found the parent of the company Google.

“First Draft Coalition is a group of thought leaders and pioneers in social media journalism who are coming together to help you answer these questions, through training and analysis of eyewitness media.”  And it’s just a coincidence these “leaders” are all on the left, manipulating us.

When all the media are on the same page, that’s when we need to suspect “fake news.”

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