Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Let Maxine speak her mind--Guest blogger Todd

Todd Thornton (school friend of our son):

 “I do not think Representative Maxine Waters should be fired, resign, jailed, or even sanctioned.

She should be given a bigger microphone and encouraged to speak at every opportunity. For she is, after all, the face of the Democratic Party in the US at this juncture in history.

She hates her country, is racist, ignorant, illogical, and shamelessly advocates a brand of socialism and true fascism that even Soviet Russians would find distasteful. Guilty of sedition, she is the best brand manager of the Democratic Party any Republican could wish for. She and that phony American Indian along with the world’s richest curmudgeon Bernie are the darlings of our leftist media, all determined to destroy America. They should all be proudly put on display and the American public reminded each day they are Democrats and exactly what that party stands for.

When given free reign to speak her mind, she will not only encourage millions of Americans to vote idiots like herself out of office, she will forever be credited historically as a deciding factor in the 2020 re-election of President Trump.”

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