Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Blue Hen Restaurant in Lexington, VA

If a black member of the Trump administration, or a gay member, or the Social Media team Diamond and Silk, or a disabled Republican who voted for Trump, or a Mexican immigrant running for a GOP office, or a female spokesperson for Trump who wants to make America great again, or Alice Marie Johnson, who thinks Trump is terrific (granted clemency) were to come to the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA, they'd be served a four course menu of bigotry, distain, ignorance and folly. Fortunately, Sarah Sanders is a lot classier than the owner, and she left when being refused service and told why.

red hen  

The Red Hen Restaurant, Lexington, VA

And no.  This is not a first amendment issue where the owner had religious concerns, long held, about serving a member of the president’s staff.  This is poor service, and would not be allowed for any protected group by gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion, but one is allowed to do this to a white female staffer of Donald Trump, which just shows you how insane our “hate” laws are. You can’t compare Valerie Jarrett to a fictional character in an old movie without losing your job, but you can kick someone out of your restaurant. You can threaten the president’s son on social media, and your movie will still open (Peter Fonda).  The difference is pro-Trump or anti-Trump.

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