Saturday, June 09, 2018

Is Trump a racist?

For the umpteenth time today I read that Trump is a racist. It's said constantly by Democrats, progressives and socialists. Let's find something he's said that is as racist as what Biden said about Obama back in 2007 ( "first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy"). Maybe you just call that patronizing, but really, the FIRST ARTICULATE African-American--where does that leave the rest of successful, educated black men? Has Trump said negative sexual things about Obama the way Jesse Jackson did? He said he'd like to cut his nuts off, accused him of talking down to blacks, and used the N-word about Obama.

And what about Mexicans? Folks, Trump wasn't in office when the wall was approved and money set aside. He wasn't in office when Clinton removed a record number of illegal immigrants, presumably not because he didn't like Mexicans, but because it was a criminal act and hurt American workers.
Although Muslims like Christians can be any race, he's still called a racist for pointing out the obvious. Trump wasn't in office during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars--that was 6 years of Bush and 8 of Obama. It wasn't Trump who designated Muslim countries in a bill signed by Obama in 2015--the Visa Waiver program for 38 countries. And it was Obama supporters who decided Trump needed to be stopped at any cost and stopped him with a court order.

I'm sure Trump had many shady real estate deals and not-so-nice encounters as a TV star and producer, but don't you think it's odd that in his success as a businessman and entertainer he had excellent relationships with blacks? Agreed he's a completely unconventional President undoing Obama's "legacies" while draining the swamp, he's a wealthy man who supports the little guy and average American, rare for a politician who seem to chase after the rich and powerful. Trump won't need or want a Netflix deal in exchange for an ambassador position. He's also been spied on and lied about in the media and he fights back. Due to the victim mentality Democrats have built their political house on, the worst charges they can think of are "racism" and I've even heard "homophobe" although I've never seen anything to corroborate that one either. With his marriage track record he probably doesn't care who is sleeping with whom. But both Clinton and Obama up to the 2012 election declared marriage was not for gays.

Trump said to black voters, "What have you got to lose?" Democrats have a lot to lose--and that's why they keep repeating these phony charges.

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