Friday, June 08, 2018

We could all do more

Yesterday in Bible study, Pastor Jeff mentioned that if all Christians contributed a tithe, there would be no need for government programs. The average, he said, is 2%.
Our niece Joan, who is one of the most compassionate, level headed women I know (teaches first grade) mentioned on Facebook yesterday:

"So a 10 year old girl rang the door bell selling hand drawn pictures for $.50. Taking a minute to inquire why they were trying to sell the pictures, we learned that grandma and grandpa didn’t have any food and there are four children staying there. Packed a sack from my pantry and freezer took down to their house and then made a Walmart run. Sometimes we need to take a minute and listen, and find out the needs of others."

Indeed. Yet I also think it's a great idea that the grandchildren wanted to chip in and help and chose the only way they knew.

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