Monday, June 04, 2018

Leslie Howard, British movie star

“Britain's destiny, on the other hand, has been to uphold tolerance in religion, thought, speech, and race--the mainspring of democracy. We have still far to travel on the road to true democracy, but only the Germans have made no progress in this direction. Britain, with her great gifts and strange inconsistencies had helped populate five continents and shown that the white man and the colored man can live in peace together. We have also taken the Roman ideal of just administration, the Greek ideal of democracy and freedom of art, and the French tradition of the family unit, along with the Norse courage and loyalty and the Christian faith. Like all people, we have made some mistakes and have committed some crimes during our history, but we can say that we have built something worthy of our defense. We can look at our record without shame.” Leslie Howard (Gone with the Wind) who died in 1943, casualty of WWII (from quotes with his biography at IMDb)

I wonder what he’d think today of the Tommy Robinson case and Britain’s tolerance and democracy.

Fighting gang rapes in Britain is now considered far right crimes.

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