Monday, June 18, 2018

First week of the season at Lakeside

The Preacher of the week at Lakeside this week is Rev. Dr. John A. Nunes, President of Concordia College, New York. He said yesterday at church his talks would be on the infantilization of adults and the adultification of children--I think it's based on a book, but I've forgotten the author, as there have been more than one with that theme. I plan to attend (9:15), at least today, but it's awfully hot.
At 10:30 is children's author Jill Hardie and at 1:30 is Richard Cowdrey who illustrates children's books. At 3:30 the curator from Mazza Museum (Findlay, OH, children's books) will give a presentation and there's a display of children's book illustrations at Hoover, which I haven't seen yet. I see no space in here for a nap, one of my favorite things to do.

There was a great program yesterday to celebrate Hoover Auditorium’s 90 years.  The construction began during the fall of 1928 and it opened for business in 1929.  What an amazing building with unusual wiring, bathrooms, sound control, seating, doors and stage curtains all having their own stories including roof collapses and fires. Very interesting display of some of the famous speakers and performers from Eleanor Roosevelt to Marian Anderson to Norman Vincent Peale. The Women's Club will have a presentation by David Blank on Peale tomorrow. In order to go to that, I’ll have to skip one of the program’s on children’s books.

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