Thursday, June 28, 2018

Time to turn off cable news

I didn't see hysteria, anger and angst about Obama from the regular MSM and cable media--although it was definitely on social media--despite the many strange things he said about America and fly over country, and his flubbed attempts at destroying the economy. Now the news media, especially cable news, are in hysteria mode over Trump, declaring every disaster imaginable, advocating mob violence,  ignoring the biggest killers of the 20th century (Communist regimes) and the devastation in Cuba and Venezuela and going for the Hitler comparisons. What is wrong with these people? Probably it's just for rating$ to bring in the clicks and dollars, but just in case they really are demented, turn them off, do not buy their products (hate, anger, lies).


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Dan Nieman said...

The best thing i ever did was get rid of cable news. It was good for my mental health and for my perspective on the ossues.