Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Is the wall a Trump or Illegal Immigration issue

The wall on our border with Mexico was voted for during the Bush years; it’s not a Trump idea. Trump is not a racist, buffoon, or Nazi for recognizing secure borders.  It became an issue because of the failure of our government—Democrats and Republicans--to enforce immigration law put in place in 1986--IRCA Simpson-Massoli, 1986 (rev. 1990s), which if effective IS a wall.

Everyone I know has locked doors and some live in gated communities. Some buy special protection for their identity and credit cards. My identity was stolen and sold 20 years ago through the Ohio State research foundation when a careless employee left her computer in her car.

I don’t understand the opposition to the wall—which will include a variety of measures not just a scalable fence.  I particularly don’t understand why some Americans, primarily Democrats, want Mexico is a very rich nation, to send its poor, uneducated and mixed race people and those from Central America North so they can send home remittances which help Mexico’s GDP.  This means no effort on Mexico’s part to change socio-economic conditions there where European descendants control the government and financial industries.

How does this make them so morally superior, and does allowing illegal immigration to continue help Mexico in the long run?

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Anonymous said...

Having lived in Mexico, there are a number of things all are missing. In my view the value of the wall has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. There are a trillion $ a year of illegal drugs coming through in cars, trucks, and buses. That is the problem.

Oh, and another thing Americans don't know. Discrimination is rampant in Mexico too, and they have their own "N" word. It is narco. That is used for all with indian blood. I suspect all readers of this think all Mexicans are dark complected and short. If you ever live there and spend time in Mexico City you will find all higher positions in the government are people of Spanish descent. The president just prior to the current one was 6' 5" tall!