Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Once again, Democrats get Republicans to take the “get Trump” bait

The Inspector General’s Report Reveals the biggest crime of the Obama administration, but by focusing on children separated from parents who have committed a crime, it can be wiped off the front burner. Democrats have done it again, and I can’t believe the Republicans are falling for it.  It's the "look over there" technique that politicians have perfected.


Maggie Thurber of Toledo observes: "I find it interesting and disturbing that the issue of separating children from family units when the family unit enters the country illegally arose at the same time as the IG report on bias in the FBI came out. Especially because it's a practice that the government has been following for years. Did anyone else notice the report is no longer top news.

Four years ago Mother Jones wrote about the deplorable conditions and 70,000 minor children, yet didn’t mention Obama once. Today the children in custody of HHS is a story all and only about Trump, not the failures of Clinton, Bush and Obama years. https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/06/child-migrants-surge-unaccompanied-central-america/

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Mike Huckabee gives out the Sick Hypocrisy Award: Planned Parenthood jumps on the illegal immigration virtue signaling wagon by tweeting its principled stance that precious children deserve not to separated from their parents. Unless you’re separating them with surgical tools and a vacuum hose, I suppose?

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FBI bias training? "Career attorney Christopher Wray is only the latest man to reach the top of the FBI without ever serving as an agent. And now he says agents need to be instructed to remain impartial as they conduct investigations. Pentagon officials who never served in uniform typically don’t announce plans to teach their troops about patriotism, but perhaps the FBI is a very different institution. " Wall St. Journal Best of the Web, June 19


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