Friday, June 01, 2018



Both women are leftists who insulted women. Barr ran for president twice on extreme left tickets, once with Cindy Sheehan.  Single payer health insurance and free college were her talking points.  Sound familiar?  Her most recent show had a lot of diversity in the cast, including lesbian Gilbert, and among the fictional characters--a waitress, life coach, veteran, surrogate. I imagine they were handpicked by her. I have no idea what Bee's good points are other than a dirty mouth.

Samantha Bee's attack on Ivanka Trump was scripted, approved, vetted, taped, approved, planned and OK'd by sponsors and network. Sort of different than a tweet in the middle of the night. Sally Field said it wasn't enough! What an icon of womanhood. Roseanne is not a conservative or a Republican, but her case represents what happens if even a white hardcore, foul mouthed socialist/communist sneaks off the plantation and admires President Trump.

This dust up is a big plus for Democrats--they don't need to discuss the soaring economy, rising wages or the possible break through with North Korea. In fact, they can almost forget the MeToo movement when they covered for lascivious men like Weinstein and Lauer for years.

Listen carefully.  The Democrat Party has two issues—impeach Trump and make everything about race.  No policies, no plans, no ideas.

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Norma said...

I understand Roseanne's co-stars will still get their $350,000 per episode (must have insurance for kooky stars), so I'll stop feeling sorry for them and save it for the caterer and eyebrow artist.