Monday, June 11, 2018

Washington Post blames Trump for embedded leaker

What an outrageous lede: "President Trump's administration excels at muddying the water, and the arrest of a former Senate aide, following an inquiry in which federal agents seized records from a New York Times reporter, might be its best work yet." (Washington Post, June 8)

So it's Trump's fault that a trusted Senate staffer John Wolfe was having an affair with an New York Times reporter half his age, Ali Watkins, and leaking secrets which then ended up in the Times? Really. This is beyond disgusting. No bias in the press here, move along.

I hope the historic Singapore meeting and Canada's high tariffs don't bump this story off the front pages. It's just a tiny piece in the puzzle that is the hysterical, illegal resistance that flows from the lovers' dens of DC to the script writers of Bill Maher and Samantha Bee to the power throne of George Soros to the befuddled mind of Maxine Waters.

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