Saturday, June 02, 2018

Exercise vs. weight loss and pretty dresses

So which is it?  Eat less or move more, or both.  For me that formula seems to change with each birthday.  I joined a fitness club through Silver Sneakers probably late December or early January.  I remember the weather was bad and I couldn’t walk outdoors, so I wanted to be able to walk on a treadmill. At Lifetime Fitness I do 2 miles on the treadmill 3 days a week, and 1 mile on 3 days to which I had 4-6 weight resistance exercises on machines to strengthen my core and arms.  Not sure I’ve seen miraculous results, certainly no weight loss, but my hands are stronger (weights are on pullies), and my balance is better.  Actually those are minor victories and more important than weight loss.  In May I gave up “processed food” including sugar and will probably continue that.  Didn’t really miss it since it isn’t a big part of my diet, except snacks—and that’s always good to give up. However, the four pounds I wanted to lose stubbornly remain. So today I looked back through my log book to January 2015 when I began using my exercycle every day.  Surprised to see that back then I was doing 9-10 miles a day!  Now I do 2-3 and then add in the 2 from the treadmill.  Obviously, that four pounds wants a bit more movement to leave the room.

I got $135 for the sale of my Biblio magazines ($150 but $15 was UPS), so it was sort of burning a hole in my wallet and on the way home from UPS I stopped at the Discovery Shop, just to browse. With the fancy dresses (probably for weddings) I found a lovely cornflower blue/lavender silk dress, modest, no bells, whistles or sequins, body skimmer cut on the bias, completely lined in a deeper color.  It was new, tags still on it—Jones New York, at $149.  It had been marked down to $22, so I tried it on, it fit, and I bought it! Now—it’s the first of June, that leaves 2 Sundays to wear it before we to to the Lake, where there’s probably no place to use it. I much prefer to wear dresses to church, but these days, it’s just me and maybe 2-3 other women at the traditional service (liturgy and hymns).

Speaking of church, tomorrow the congregation votes for Steve Turnbull as our senior pastor at noon.  Then our SALT group comes here for soup and salad, then Bob will have a prepared study.  The weather should be nice today, but is iffy for tomorrow, so it looks like we’ll eat inside, and if it clears, we can do ice tea/ lemonade and Bible on the deck.

Update:  I went to Volunteers of America and found a long scarf to use as a stole in the same cornflower blue so I can cover my arms if need be.

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I've heard the Parkland students are doing a summer tour to talk to young people about voting Democrat--i.e. anti 2nd amendment.