Friday, June 01, 2018

The D’Souza Pardon

Washington Post doesn't like Trump's pardons. Of course not. For Dinesh D'Souza it shows how a raging Obama went after a film maker/author who exposed his private thoughts/parts/pieces. D'Souza was convicted under an obscure campaign law that no one had ever been found guilty of. Good job--no scandals in that administration--except attacking an immigrant and stealing his American dream, his income, his right to vote. Democrat social justice warriors have sympathy for MS-13 , Iranian bundlers, or even bank CEOs who have ruined thousands of their customers, but not a man who gave money to a friend for her campaign. His unforgiveable sin was he was a Republican and a researcher. Those were serious crimes during the Obama years. I wonder if that other film maker, the one who went to jail for the fake charges about starting the Benghazi tragedy (of course, they found something else to charge him with) will be pardoned?

“Donald Trump pardoned Dinesh D’Souza for campaign finance violations on Thursday. D’Souza merely gave $20,000 more than what an unconstitutional law permitted him to donate to an old friend’s U.S. Senate campaign, which, incidentally, lost the vote count by a 3-1 margin and the dollar count by 40-1. Why did Congress make generosity a felony? Guilt lies with the law and not the lawbreaker here. To watch MSNBC and peruse Twitter, one gleans the impression that D’Souza strangled puppies. In reality, he stands guilty of behaving like a good friend. He does not deserve a felony conviction on his record. He did not steal $20,000. He gave it.” Dan Flynn

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