Monday, June 25, 2018

Joel Brucken

“The Lakeside sailing program has seen many changes over its 41 years, like kinds and numbers of craft, facilities, kids’ sailing and new people, but a few things never changed. Joel Brucken was always there. He took sailing lessons in 1978, the second year of the program, and was one of the very few who was continuously active every year since. Joel passed away this May after a long battle with cancer. Over the years he competed in regattas, the Mouse Island race, and for many years he was the coordinator of the August Cup, in which he entered with his 22 foot ‘All Day’. He and Angela were always at the end of the pier to watch regattas, attended all picnics and awards ceremonies, and hosted sailing parties. He encouraged his son, Brian and grandsons, Drew, Ben and Jack to sail; Brian and Drew later became sailing instructors.

Joel also participated in many non-sailing activities. He was a past president of the LPOA and on the Lakeside Board of Directors. Programs at Hoover, education seminars, property owners’ meetings—Joel was always there with questions and comments. He also enjoyed diverse events like Guys’ Club, Sunday night poker games, bird symposiums, even ballroom dancing, and he helped with the Heritage Society.

Joel will be missed by those of us who knew him. He was always there.”
- Maryln Dudrow

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