Friday, June 15, 2018

Father’s Day June 16

I saw this today. "The greatest gift my father has ever given me was his time."

That's not the kind of dad I had. He worked 12 hours a day. I treasure the few memories I have like that because they were so few. Like riding in his truck listening to him sing. Or the Sunday afternoons he drove my girl friends and me to the skating rink. Or his carrying my 11 year old sister in his arms to take her to the hospital when the doctor said she had polio. Or when all six of us would drive to Rockford to see a movie--I even remember the names of the movies! King Solomon’s Mines.  African Queen. What do I remember? How he treated my mother. Like she was the most important person in the world. How he treated his own mother, stopping by to visit her almost every day. That's how to make a little girl feel special and safe.

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