Friday, June 08, 2018

Obama lied to us about Iran

"The Obama administration: 
(1) told Congress it would not allow Iran access to U.S. financial institutions; 
(2) issued a special license allowing Iran to do exactly that; 
(3) unsuccessfully pressured U.S. banks to help Iran; 
(4) lied to Congress and the American people about what it had done;
 (5) admitted in internal emails that these efforts "exceeded" U.S. obligations under the nuclear deal;
 (6) sent officials, including bank regulators, around the world to urge foreign financial institutions to do business with Iran; and 
(7) promised that they would get nothing more than a slap on the wrist for violating U.S. sanctions.

How bad is this? Remove the words "Obama" and "Iran" and replace them with "Trump" and "Russia" and imagine the outrage that would ensue over the same revelations. Democrats would be holding news conferences, and the story would be front-page news."

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