Friday, January 01, 2021

CRT training—Just say No

CRT used to be the cathode ray tube, that tube/screen that flickers in front of your face. Now it means critical race theory, and if you learned about it college or studied it even 5 years ago, you need to catch up, and realize you're getting slapped up the side of your head with a marketing campaign with a powerful brand. Your church, your school board, your employer may be trying to convert you to a new religion, one more fundamentalist than any you've experienced.

I don't agree with everything in this debate, particularly not the guy who thinks Trump is to blame for its rise because I watched it soar under Obama, and on the campuses, even in the 1990s. Much of it is Marxist based just substituting race for class. So be prepared. If people refuse to debate it calling you a racist (some CRT advocates consider "debate", personal responsibility, and free speech as white racist privilege), then you have a right to refuse to accept it and should object to it being taught to your children or your being forced to attend thinly veiled Marxist reeducation camps. It only benefits the self interest (and wallets) of the marketers.

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