Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Minority voices dominate the national conversation

R.R. Reno speculates in the January issue of First Things (p. 59) that the percentage of the American population that fits the progressive activist profile might be over 10%, but not much. That compares to about 13% for U.K. But as in Britain, they are many times more likely to hector the rest of us and broadcast their political opinions. Their voices dominate social media producing a democracy deficit. Progressives drown out alternative voices and stomp on dissent. This is compounded by the censorship of Big Tech social media giants using blocking and algorithms to steer you away from the conservative viewpoint.
Even today as reports of attacks by Antifa on Josh Hawley's home in DC, the Washington Post, that "prestigious, elite" journal of record, is downplaying the seriousness of assaulting a member of Congress, while running endless wokeism articles, less some snowflake have her feelings bruised. It directs it's coverage to that 10%. Called them "peaceful," sort of like that Iranian terrorist they called a "scholar." In an opinion piece, it called Hawley's ambition a threat to the Republic! As though Biden after 47 years of bumbles and fumbles and several runs for the WH isn't ambitious? They don't think Biden's chumminess with China and Iran are a threat, but Hawley defending the President's right to use all legal means to question election fraud is terrible? 

Weird values and word choices those liberals/progressives/Communists.

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