Monday, January 11, 2021

Letter from a friend of a friend

He was there on the 6th, and this is what he saw and heard.  I don’t know “friend,” however I’d believe him above anything that is said on CNN, MSNBC or the reporter on our local news channel who kept referring to the President’s lies while interviewing our governor.


I just wanted you to know that since we live so close to Washington D.C. I decided to attend the March for Trump. No matter how I felt, I knew this would probably be one of the most historic political events in my lifetime. I must honestly say I was impressed. When I came home I was shocked by how the media spun things. There were so many people there, the pictures don't even do it justice. Here's an image from the stage someone else took:

[see below]
The following pictures and videos are from my own camera which I attached to a homemade selfie stick made from a flagpole, zip-ties, and rubber bands:

I remember specifically in Trump's speech (though that section is not being shown by the media) that he said we should never give up or concede. He said even if we lose the fight, to keep fighting in 2 years and vote them out. And he promised to be on the ground with us campaigning to find real politicians who would fight for the people. He went very deep into stats and fraud claims, but much of that was removed from the public eye in other streams. If you want to hear his full speech, here's a working URL:

Never once did he say to riot or attack. He said to never give up and to remember we have the power. I know people who were at the front steps of the capitol (after I left) who didn't even realize there was any violence.

I personally believe this was a setup in a lot of ways and I am sad that anyone would condone violence. But let me be 100% clear, Trump told us to fight legally. He told us to have hope. He told us to fight for truth. I walked away with a new perspective of Trump. It was great to hear his words directly instead of any marketing spin. The contrast of what he said versus what they say he said is quite disturbing. I just wanted to share that with all of you.”

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