Friday, January 08, 2021

Violence is unacceptable--written by a friend

"Violence is unacceptable. Vandalism is unacceptable. I condemn fully the actions of a few that occurred in our nation’s capital yesterday [Wednesday] Period. 

I’m so glad all of America is on the same page now. I’m wondering where the half that spoke up yesterday and today were all this time, but welcome to the club of common sense. It’s time for some reflection for those who never condemned the violence of the past seven months. Seven months of denying the reality of the domestic terrorism and normalizing political violence has consequences. We all saw what was in our streets all summer with the burning down of people’s livelihoods, murdering innocent police officers, hitting pedestrians in the back of the head while laughing about it, churches burning, screaming in the faces of diners in restaurants trying to make a comeback, stealing armfuls of clothing and electronics. Hell, across the bridge in downtown Seattle a new “nation” was formed in the midst of what the mayor called a “summer of love” and people were murdered and police officers were barricaded in precinct buildings that were set on fire. 

Liberals laughed at it. All summer. We watched as mainstream media told us not to believe our lying eyes telling us it was all a “mostly peaceful protest” while standing in front of a five alarm fire. See also, Cuomo’s (who apparently needs to read the First Amendment) “show me where it says protests are supposed to be polite.” It was all normalized and allowed to continue all summer with no consequence.
Today, we have newly minted President-Elect Biden saying about yesterday’s chaos, “well if it was BLM...” ...what? Are you kidding? This is the uniting message of the President-Elect? What did Biden want - more than one unarmed woman to die yesterday? This is called gaslighting, ladies and gentlemen. Biden’s dementia must have allowed him to forget that BLM was allowed to burn cities to the ground. Biden’s dementia must have allowed him to forget that BLM was moved out of Lafayette Park the day after a church was lit on fire and there were so many rioters trying to storm the WH that the President had to be removed and put into the bunker with dozens of secret service agents injured. 

Unsurprisingly, no outcry of an “attack on democracy” from from the usual players on social media then. Crickets from the mainstream media. Normalization of political violence. A small fringe of the other half of the country took notice and took their chances at playing the stupid game without the spray paint (and likely some Antifa actors joined in what they consider a normal Wednesday). The difference here is that Republicans are also outraged by this behavior. We are consistent. It is the outright hypocrisy of the media and liberals now pearl clutching at people in a federal building that is atrocious. No such clutching of the pearls from them during the Kavanaugh confirmation when extremists took over the Hart Senate Building?

Regardless, welcome to the club of common sense. What you won’t see from Republicans is the bail out of the idiots. But join the club, Democrats, join the club with the mission statement “outrage at violence.” No bail funds allowed."

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