Friday, January 08, 2021

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but there were two, after all.

Antifa sponsored riots in major Democrat cities on New Years Eve, just a week ago. The media didn't blink an eye and politicians federal and local didn't resign in shame for not stopping it.

Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, behaving like zombie mean girl cliques, have been screaming at the President and his supporters for four years, telling Democrats and anarchists to get in the faces of American citizens minding their own business and take them down, to shame them, and cause them economic loss. They ruined families and friendships, and probably destroyed careers. Pelosi ripped up the president's speech with millions watching on TV in an "act of violence." Big Tech has made themselves our rulers shutting down communication after stealing our identities and data for years to create massive wealth for their millionaire owners, and we never cast a vote for them.

Now the book burning Democrats and many Republican leaders who barely spoke out as our nation was torn apart by riots are outraged that a small group went rogue on Wednesday (some probably were Antifa or FBI plants as there always are in these crowds) from a rally of many thousands. The people came to the capital at great expense and danger to express their frustration over a stolen election. The courts had refused to hear their case, and the local officials just laughed in their faces. The citizens in Hong Kong rally against a Communist government for their rights, and Americans whose rights were stolen in a so-called free country are ridiculed.

A fraction of those at the rally broke out and defiled the "people's house." As others have suggested, it was 99% peaceful. Where was the outrage this past summer from those members gathered for voting Wednesday? They allowed violent behavior and even encouraged it while federal, state and personal property was bombed, burned and defiled? Where were the cabinet members now fleeing the chicken coop calling for calm or asking Schumer, Pelosi and Waters to accept responsibility for their own incendiary words? We know where Joe Biden was--in his basement. We know were Bernie and AOC were--fanning the flames. We know were the media were during the summer riots--dashing off more articles on cancel culture and critical race theory ignoring the Marxist roots of the leaders of BLM and the white faces of Antifa. We know where the board members and CEOs of major corporations were this summer--scrambling to get in the line of woke--as their own buildings were boarded up or burned. down and employees sent home.

It's terrible that 5 people have died, and none of them were killed by the rogue group that attacked the building, unlike those who died during the summer mayhem at the hands of Antifa and BLM.

This is not "whataboutism." It's about the gaslighting and theft, the spying and lying that's been going on for 4 years.

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