Saturday, January 16, 2021

Our summer of riots, but where was the Guard?

I don't know if Antifa is proud that the national guard is being called out in the state capitals for a paltry, weak, disorganized mob or angry. They've been rioting since Memorial Day week-end and have staged 4 riots just since January 6 in Portland. This is what they've birthed and no one is celebrating their baby! Pelosi said, "People will do what they do," and Kamala Harris raised bail money for them.

The MSM rarely covered the riots and destruction fully, but people with cell phones captured it and uploaded to the internet. That's how we know about the attacks on people leaving the RNC in August. MSM thought it was no big deal. It won't be long before you won't be able to be part of the people's press. Big Brother knows who you are. Andy Ngo says 90% of the charges against those criminals have been dropped. Let's see how the rate is for those who stormed the Capitol.

Democrats are creating no-fly lists, de-platforming, putting pressure on banks, destroying technology they can't control--but allowing those domestic terrorists to frolic all over Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Google, etc. A lawyer for PBS suggested reeducation camps for children of Trump voters, or having the children removed from their homes and put in physical camps.

I hate using those medical portals, because I know what happens to our data--it's like dumpster diving for academics to publish pages of tables and graphs and get tenure writing about racism in medicine.

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