Tuesday, January 19, 2021

God makes no mistakes

I read this story in my morning devotions, and it is so beautiful, I'd like to share it. I thought I'd have to summarize it, but actually found it on-line. Anthony Esolen, a masterful writer, is the author. But just in case you're not ready this day for inspiration, I'll just share the last paragraph about this crippled monk born in 1013 who was so brilliant people came from all over to learn.

"Had Hermann been born in pagan times, they would have given him back to the gods or the wild beasts by exposing him on a hillside. We are even less pious now. He might not have been born. Let us thank God that Hermann lived at the bright dawn of the high Middle Ages, and that his mother and father were good Christians, and that the abbot Berno understood that the gifts of God come in ways the world will not see. Consider that Blessed Hermann now stands upright in the presence of God, and that when the saints sing of the glory of our Savior who was born in poverty, his voice will keep pace with the racing of his heart, nor will it sound like the braying of a donkey. May we someday sing as well!"


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